How to fix a PCC with a displaced hinge pin.

Hi everyone,

I got this letter from a customer of our Canadian distributer, Happy Vaper.

Hi Happyvaper.

I ordered my BMF starter kit last week and it arrived 1 week ago today (Order#: 10735). Really enjoying it, haven’t had a smoke since (pack-a-day prior) and have already ordered extra carts.

This morning however I had a problem unscrewing a battery out of the PCC. I have a screw in/out type of charger, which I prefer. This morning though, when unscrewing a battery a ‘pin’ came flying out from my PCC and the screw in charger head is now only being held in by a couple of wires. The PCC does still charge a battery but I can’t imagine it staying connected for long just from the wires.

I do still have the ‘pin’ but reconnecting it doesn’t seem simple without the possibility of breaking the wires, and without the PCC I have no way of charging any batteries.

Any suggestions? Is this common? I really don’t want to send back the PCC and have no way of charging for 2 weeks (it took 9 days for my order to arrive first time).

And I decided to do a video to try to help him out with replacing his hinge pin:

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How to Fill or Refill a MaxXFusion Cartomizer!

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Bloog Proudly Presents: The MaxXFusion Video Quickstart Guide!

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With our deepest apololgies, the Maxxfusion launch has been delayed until the 14th.

I am very sorry, but Bloog’s website isn’t ready for the MaxxFusion launch, so we have had no choice but to delay the launch until after the weekend.

We will be working hard over the weekend to have everything ready for you. We should be finished by Tuesday the 14th at the latest, so that will be the new official launch date, but you can check on Monday also because if it is ready early, we will go live early.

In the meantime, I will be finishing another video and some text pieces for the website which will highlight the improvements and advantages to the MaxxFusion over other KR8 compatibles.

In the meantime, stay tuned, and keep up the MaxxCitement!!

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Just a few days to the Launch of Bloog’s MaxxFusion E-cigarette!!

In just a few days, the Bloog MaxxFusion will debut, setting new standards in Electronic Cigarette performance and quality!

Maxx Performance!!
Maxx quality!
Maxx e-Smoking pleasure!!!

Maxxfusion features the Maxx in Performance:
Maxx Vapor,
Maxx cartomizer and battery life,
Maxx speed, and
Maxx reliability!

MaxxFusion features the Maxx in quality!
Maxx manufacturing standards!
Maxx testing!
Maxx quality control!

MaxFusion features the latest and most innovative technology in their designs and componants,

MaxxFusion features the Maxx in attention to detail and quality, ensured by E-cig Guru Leaford himself!

Tuesday, December 14th, the MaxxFusion launch ignites, and the future of E-Cigarettes begins!!!

Electronic cigarettes
Available exclusively at

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Five days left in Bloog’s 20% off Customer Appreciation Sale!

Just a reminder, there are only 5 days left to enjoy 20% of of all Bloog products! Just use coupon code MYBLOOG until October 31st to get 20% off on our Fusion and X9 models!

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Bloog Customer Loyalty Sale! All Bloog products 20% off from now until October 31st!

Bloog Customer Loyalty Sale – Take 20% Off


Where there's a crowd, there's Bloog.

Where there's a crowd, there's Bloog.

Customer Loyalty Sale
Bloog wants to say “Thank You for your business” to all our loyal customers. Therefore, we are offering each Bloog Customer a 20% discount off your next order. Simply enter Coupon Code: MYBLOOG at time of check out to receive your 20% discount on all items. This fantastic offer expires on 10/31/10. At Bloog, we appreciate your business.

All Flavors/Nicotine Levels In Stock
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Aaaannd… We’re back!

Sorry the blog was down for a while. I was having a little trouble transfering back to Yahoo hosting. And as you might notice, not all my links and pages are working quite yet.

But for the most part, we’re back and running!

I will get back to daily postings, trying to bring you the latest e-cig news and info, anything that’s happening in the e-cig world. And I will be getting back to my famous tip and trick videos too, of course!

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An urgent anti-e-smoking warning from ASSS:

Warning! E-smoking Kills!!!


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I hope you have noticed…

I hope you have all noticed a new energy and spirit here at eSF. Now that I’ve been back home for awhile it’s time to turn my attention back to blogging. SO I brainstormed a bit, and came up with a new direction.

I will turn my attention back to reviewing, and soon, but I wanted to move beyond blogging and be a general source of information on the e-cig community. What’s interesting, what’s new, what’s old, what’s happening, etc. Whatever is going on on the web that’s e-cig related, I will scour the nets and bring it all back home to you here. And from time to time something off topic, just for fun.

I’m just getting started, so things are simple now, but I intend this to become a full magazine in time. Maybe even the first real trade journal for our industry. Keep an eye out for things to come.

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